NYC School Visits

Well, after several months of grueling fund raising, my mega keen Arts Education colleagues and I have raised enough money to visit New York City this February. The purpose of our trip to New York is to visit schools in the city that have implemented strong Arts Education curricula. During our visits to these schools, we will be observing some of the most cutting edge pedagogical strategies in the field of Arts Ed and bringing some these great ideas back to the province of Saskatchewan. The goal is to incorporate some of the newest ideas into our classrooms and help freshen the face of education in Saskatchewan.
In doing some research on which schools would be best to visit while in NYC, I came across The Center for Arts Education NYC.
This group, through the use of its School Arts Support Initiative (SASI) grant CWA_SASI_FINAL, has been able to help some very chaotic schools turn around their academic programming by making use of the Arts. In some cases, after having access to the grant for only two years, the number of students meeting standards has increased from 10 to 60 percent. Major successes.
As as an Arts Ed student whose been in the program for almost two years, reading about the SASI grant was seriously refreshing. I came into this program believing firmly that major changes can be made by implementing Arts based learning into curricula and, after being holed up in a university classroom for two years, one can begin to lose sight of their original perspective. However, having seen some of the work that is being done in the US and what can be done in Canada, I once again feel inspired to continue with the work I feel I am capable of doing.
Here is a short video of what the SASI grant has done for one middle years school in the Bronx.

I find this stuff pretty motivating myself. Really can’t wait to get to NYC and make these visits.

Bye for now.

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1 Response to NYC School Visits

  1. Hey Harvey,
    I found this video also very inspiring, alone it makes me want to make a difference in our school systems. On the other hand a first hand experience in this particular school, or one like it, would be even more beneficial and I hope that we do get the chance to visit this particular school on our visit to NYC. Not only will it be inspiring and knowledgable but with a first hand experience in this school will make us as future teachers want to help improve our school systems in regina with the arts.
    Great Blog!

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