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Treaty Injustice

Dear Reader, Please watch the following TED Talk in which Aaron Huey discusses treaty history and its impact on the Lakota Sioux in South Dakota, USA. Following it will be some commentary on it. The theme of this blog is … Continue reading

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The Disparity of Access to Technology

Readers, To fulfill the Tech Task #2 Assignment for ECOMP 355, I will be addressing the following question: How do we address problems of access in schools (i.e., unequal access to technology amongst students)? Is there an ethical role of … Continue reading

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NYC School Visits

Well, after several months of grueling fund raising, my mega keen Arts Education colleagues and I have raised enough money to visit New York City this February. The purpose of our trip to New York is to visit schools in … Continue reading

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Zinn & Sharing Knowledge

So – here is my first ever attempt at blogging. I’ve been interested in writing online for sometime, but just have never found the impetus to do it. So thank you Ed Computers 355 for giving me the motivation to … Continue reading

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